"I can't believe the Alcantara cover is so good for my car"

What a day! Speaking of steering wheel covers, we have a lot to say, but today let's hear what our customer say, Zoe Law, comes to find us to get a cover for himself.


Zoe Law is kind of familiar with this stitching covers but he never did this before, he tried to search all hand stitching custom wheel covers on the Internet and asked real shops locally too, but all the outcomes were not what he wanted. Quality and fitment were what he concerned. Finally he found MEWANT and found Stitchingcover. So he just customized his own cover with his own willing.


The car of Zoe is Mazda 3 2021 that is almost very new and looks so nice. He has seen our leather and suede, he need something different, something much better, so he choosed our Alcantara for his car, dark green Alcantara and black perforated Alcantara and he wanted the embroidery as well, Z&T was his favorite thing. "The Alcantara is really high quality and premium, I really like it, it touches so soft, I usually drive my car 5 days of one week, now I want to drive it everyday. I can't believe Alcantara cover is so good for my car!" Zoe Law says. Now his car is just like some sport cars.


So you must be curious about how to do it, right? After he received the cover, he asked us how, and we recommended him a fitter in his local place. He was satisfied with everything, the best service. If you want to do it by yourself, it's good to do that, too because it's easy for everyone just need patience and time.


Now enjoy his car!

Alcantara steering wheel cover for MazdaAlcantara steering wheel cover for MazdaAlcantara steering wheel cover for MazdaAlcantara steering wheel cover for Mazda

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