Backed alcantara is coming!

We believe you have seen our embossed alcantara steering wheel covers, and our people love it. And we bring you backed alcantara this year, it's already available now!

We picked 3 colors - Red, Blue and White. We asked many customers and they tell us the colors are amazing. Blue ranks the first, and white ranks after blue, red is the third. We also list some other colors like green or orange, we are appreciated that our customers share their ideal and feedback.

Steering Wheel Cover for Subaru STI WRX 2014-2021Steering Wheel Cover For GMC Sierra 1500 2020-2023Steering Wheel Cover for Ford Mustang 2009-2014Steering Wheel Cover For BMW F06 F07 F10 F11 F12 F13 F15 F16 F20 F21 F22 F23 F25 F26 F30 F31 F34 F36 F45 2013-2020

You can choose the combo:

Backed alcantara

A.Full alcantara:

Top and bottom: black alcantara

Left and right: blue backed alcantara

Marker: blue

Stitching: blue


B. Genuine leather with backed alcantara:

Top and bottom: black genuine leather

Left and right: white backed alcantara

Marker: grey

Stitching: grey


C. Carbon fiber with backed alcantara:

Top and bottom: black gloss carbon fiber

Left and right: red backed alcantara

Marker: red

Stitching: red


Now it's your time. Get a backed alcantara cover for your steering wheel cover now. 

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