Best Ford F-150 Lariat Steeing Wheel Cover Ever!

Write via Andrew from US.

I had an opportunity to install a MeWant steering wheel cover on my Ford F-150 Lariat. There was some initial concern as to whether or not this would end up looking like a cheap cover bought from Wal-Mart, or one of the high-quality wraps I've seen from professional installs.
These guys were really easy to work with when telling them what I wanted. I verified my steering wheel size by providing vehicle details and a picture.

Since they have a database of what cover should be used on my vehicle, it was easy to move to the next section of selecting what materials and colors I wanted. I picked perforated leather for the top and bottom sections, with red suede on either side. I finished off my selection with a red leather center marker, which is located at the top of the steering wheel.
I stretched my new wheel cover over the steering wheel, making sure that it was a snug fit.

 Best Ford F-150 Lariat Steeing Wheel Cover Ever from MEWANT

What I didn't want was for the cover to be too loose, causing movement around the steering wheel while I was driving. This cover did not disappoint. The cover fit nicely over the steering wheel, requiring slight tugs to center it correctly. Once it had it aligned, I applied the doublesided tape to the inside of the new wheel cover.

 Best Ford F-150 Lariat Steeing Wheel Cover Ever from MEWANT

In the instructions, MeWant advises that the user should use the double-sided tape around the entire inside of the steering wheel cover. Because the double-sided tape was very sticky and would probably leave some residual tackiness on the wheel if I ever decided to replace the cover with a different color, I only applied the tape on areas where I felt there would be some
movement from driving.

Once I applied the tape to the interior of the cover, I removed the backing of the tape and pressedagainst the steering wheel, all the way around.

Stitching the wheel cover together was my favorite part of this whole process. I enjoyed being able to go stitch by stitch, watching the cover come together in a beautiful design. Depending on what vehicle you are planning on installing the cover on, you will want to make sure that there is a little bit of wiggle room around the controls on the steering wheel. There were a few areas around my plastic controls where there was very little space to wedge the cover material underneath.

This could pose a problem when you are trying to get a tight fit for the cover. I tested a few areas to make sure there was enough space, and then I started stitching.

Best Ford F-150 Lariat Steeing Wheel Cover Ever from MEWANT


Stitching seemed like it went quickly, but as someone who had never before stitched a steering wheel cover, I didn't know how much string I needed for each of the different sections of my wheel. The issue that this created was having such long slack in my line, causing a lot of twisting and knots to develop in the line as I would weave in and out of the stitching. This ultimately
became one of the most difficult areas to work around because it made me stop after every few stitches to try and work out the tangles. If MeWant could have provided separate pieces of smaller string for each of the sections of the steering wheel, then I think there could have been a lot of frustration removed from the process.

I ran into a few issues when installing the wheel cover which ultimately added to my frustration and extra time to complete the project. It took me roughly 3.5 hours in one sitting in order to finish the install. If I were to start all over again, having one wheel cover install under my belt, I believe I could do the install in about 2 hours, now knowing the areas that I had the most difficulty with.

Overall, I am really happy with my new steering wheel cover. It was a fun experience to be able to put everything together myself, and made this process much more rewarding, knowing that it was installed with care

Best Ford F-150 Lariat Steeing Wheel Cover Ever from MEWANT

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