Best Tesla Steering Wheel Cover so Far!

What is the first thing you would do after you bought a new Tesla, for some people would take his nice car to a tour, but for me, i would like to change the whole look of my new car, to make it to my personal. Of course, the first thing to do is the color of the car, car film is a good idea, but if i do not have enough budget and i want something spcial for my car, then i do want one steering wheel cover!

Tesla Steering Wheel Cover | Mewant

I searched on all the site, and find something that could suit my need, i need some Alcantara, Alcantara is very soft material, cool in summer, warm in winter, but most of the market are the universal ones, hard to find one that perfect fit for Tesla, i checked Mewant, they have many models, for sure i find out my Tesla, Custom perforated leather sides and top bottom are Alcantara. 

You guys could check the details, very amazing, i could recommend you all to buy this kind of custom steering wheel wrap.

Tesla Steering Wheel Wrap with Mewant


 Steering Wheel Cover for Tesla from Mewant

Tesla Steering Wheel Cover kits

Tesla Steering Wheel Cover

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