My steering wheel is thicker, can you fit my car?

Our steering wheel cover is made by the standard size of each original steering wheel so it fits your car like OEM. However, sometime it is different, why?

Some steering wheels have different versions like a leather wheel and a rubber wheel, in this situation, the size might be not the same. And sometimes even for the same leather wheel, it also has more than 2 sizes because of different models. It's hard to tell from the look, so does this mean the cover can't fit the car? The answer is no.

To make the better fitment for each specific steering wheel, you can take measurements on the original steering wheel, so we can custom the steering wheel cover according to your special size.

How do you make this fit? Simply, you can just measure the steering wheel at 12 o'clock(the top) and if your steering wheel has bulges, please measure that part, too.

Don't worry about the deviation, 1-2mm is acceptable, if you aren't sure about it, you can send a picture to us to double check. 

steering wheel measurement


steering wheel cover measurement

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