What's backed alcantara steering wheel cover?

Stitchingcover is always dedicated to innovating new design.

Last year we succeed in embossed alcantara covers, people like the design and order the design for their car, and we increase more color of alcantara now because we believe the material bring more energy and our customers make their car amazing.

Stitchingcover embossed alcantara steering wheel cover

What's backed alcantara steering wheel cover?

As you can see, it's alcantara with one layer underneath, it's like perforated alcantara but the difference is that the holes won't pass through, so it will show another color and it will be another style, you may see this from like Porsche cars, it's very sporty style and refresh. 

Stitchingcover backed alcantara



The first backed alcantara we have is red backed alcantara #9040 , and we will have not only one red color, white and blue and more will be added, too. Are you excited about this right? 

How to order it?

Please find you steering wheel in our collection page, so you will see a backed alcantara option on the left and right. Some car might not be available but we will try to make all can do!

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