STITCHINGCOVER is the leading shop of the car interior. We are improving driving experience, and steering wheel cover is our first and important things to do, however, we believe it's not enough for us and for you too, we will bring more something new to you, stay tuned! 

The custom wheel cover made by us is not universal for all cars but for each specific car model. We now support more than 800 car models so far, and we still expand more cars, new and old, performance and family-used... If you can't find your car in our inventory, you can contact us with your pictures and we will help you as soon as possible.

The materials we select are the top quality. We also test some new fabrics and colors. The best we can do is to put all options in our store, so you can choose leather, suede, carbon or Alcantara for each part. This is open to all of you, and you just need do some clicks so your custom stitching cover will be done in a few seconds.

Fitment is what you care for sure. Please don't remove original leather of your steering wheel, otherwise it won't fit. Our cover will not damage your steering wheel, you can change another design for your car next time.

We will have some campaigns that are going to be published on our social media like Instagram and Facebook, don't forget to follow us, and you can be a fan of our TikTok, we will post some interesting videos about our work.



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