Why do you custom the steering wheel cover?

Carl Art ordered a G20 steering wheel cover from stitchingcover

His thought was very simple - he wanted it unique so that he choosed beige leather perforated on the sides, and the most important is that he chose the stitching marker instead of normal leather stripe on the top, for that part, you can see the color is still same as BMW M tri color - Light blue, dark blue and red.

He installed it himself after he received our cover, the stitching part is little hard, it's not that hard, it just need more patience. So when you see the result, everything is worthy.

Why do you custom the steering wheel cover?

1.Protection. It keeps the steering wheel new all the time after even 1-2 years for sure.

2.New look. We have so many materials and colors for you to make your own design, it's a nice try if you are tired of the original look.

3.Enjoy. It's new for the first time to sew, however, it's not difficult, if you do it, you will know the result. Almost every customer from stitchingcover did the stitching work himself because we also offer you the stitching tools to sew it up.

What are you waiting for? It's all about custom. Get your steering wheel re-wrapped!


BMW G20 steering wheel cover

BMW steering wheel cover

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